2018 American Wolfdog Society and Lookalikes

KVK nummer: 72088133


We are a club of American Wolfdog’s lovers. 

In the last years we have noticed a remarkable increase in numbers of American Wolfdogs which need to find a new home or which cannot be handled/managed well by their owners. 

Due to their very wolfish looks, they create a huge impact on anyone who likes wolves and wolfdogs, which quite often also arises a desire on owning one. The problem is that these strong wolfish traits are not only displayed physically, but also behaviourally, which is the hardest part to deal with. 


The idea of creating the American Wolfdog Society and look a likes was proposed by Kynolanguage, a Dutch organization which since 2011 supports wolfdog and primitive breed’s owners by helping with adoptions, relocations, training, education and information (take a look at Here in The Netherlands, for every breed (recognised or not) we basically have at least one breed club. So when people are wondering who they need to approach when they are looking for information, for a puppy, for an adoption or because they need help with their (wolf)dog, they are all indicated to contact thse specific breed clubs. For the American Wolfdogs, there is nothing as close to a club, which makes it very difficult for people to have a starting point for their “data collection” about the AWD’s. Another problem is that is quite difficult to describe an AWD, because there is no standard, and there are differences in contents. The AWD’s have been quickly spreading all over the world and different lineages have been created, so to create a sole definition about them is (at this moment) impossible. What we do want to do is to give general guidelines about them, their character and what might mean for an owner to bring such an animal at home, independent of its content.


Each one of us is a volunteer in this Society, and we all bring our passion and our knowledge concerning Wolfdogs in it. We all have somehow had experience with wolfdogs before: some of us direct experiences with American Wolfdogs (of different contents) some of us own or work with them and some of us decided to join this Society to learn and to contribute.

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