2018 American Wolfdog Society and Lookalikes

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My name is Vera. I am the owner of Kynolanguage (which represents the interests of Wolfdogs, Primitives and other dogs) and the initiator of the American Wolfdog Society. Thanks to my passion for wolfdogs, primitives and related breeds as cynologic instructress and behavioral therapist, Kynolanguage was born. Often, the dogs mentioned above are often misinterpreted and therefore not or insufficiently understood.


The American Wolfdogs and its crossings were not yet well represented within Europe and the demand for help, guidance and relocation became very high for Kynolanguage.

My call to change this has been heard and that is how American Wolfdog Society came into existence. 

The team with the same passion for these beautiful dogs will also introduce themselves to you.


My name is Kristel van Steen. Besides always hosting shepherds and Podencos I’ve also had a Dutch Shepherd for 15 years long, her name was Kelly. After she passed away, in 2008 I came across the Saarloos Wolfdog (as puppies but also as adoptions). An amazing breed, but at the same time quite challenging. 

Later on, I also met the AWD. This extraordinary animal is the reason of why I encourage Vera’s initiative so much. I also kept an AWD home, which is why I believe that it is so important to have honest awareness about them, that a family can understand what it takes to keep such an animal and that each family member need to be equally prepared to educate it. And if an AWD needs to be rehomed anyway, it needs to be done in a very careful way, which is not how it usually happens. 

By personal experience I stand behind correct and honest information about these beautiful but very sensible wolfdogs. 


Hey there!

I am Tahira.

I currently have 3 Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs and 1 American Wolfdog puppy. 

When we decided to take our first wolfdog Kira (Czechoslovakian) we were quite impulsive about it. It looked so nice, like a little wolf, how hard could it be? 

We searched for some information but we were so excited that even when we visited the breeder we didn’t listen much of what she told us. We made several mistakes with her and we were headed to the wrong direction, at a point that we had realised that we had done many mistakes, and we decided to start informing ourselves in a proper way. We did, and Kira didn’t stop improving. It was hard to take away the bad habits, but with several tears and sweat, we can now say that we are really happy with her, she works with me as a Therapy Dog and as a co-coach dog since I offer (Wolf)dog Assisted Coaching session, so I cannot be prouder of what she has become. But that made us realise on how crucial it is to search for information properly, and how easy it is to make mistakes. Most of all, how quickly can a wolfdog be damaged by our own mistakes. We learned by our mistakes and now we try to do what we can to inform people about wolfdogs, and to be aware of their choices. Our other wolfdogs were chosen with full awareness and more than enough understanding about the breed. But I had always be in love with the AWD’s….and though it was my dream to share my life with an AWD, I wanted to be very cautious and responsible when taking the decision if rather I could live with one (giving it all it needs to be happy) or not. I contacted as many owners and breeders (of all contents) as I could, and I left my desire aside to think about what the best for the animal would be. Which is why I decided not to go for a high content anymore (we had reserved one, but it didn’t work out), and now I am happy that it went this way. Kaoui (our AWD puppy) is so different compared to our CWD’s, so intense, that no matter how ready we thought we were, no matter how much information we had gathered this time, sometimes we still feel like we have never learned a thing. He can just surprise in all ways and he is unique in his ways. I will talk more about him in the session “what owners say”.  

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